Film Gallery

There are a number of short films and documentaries about our project, throwing a glance at child labour, the work as a rag picker and our work to support these kids towards a better future.


Child labour on the garbage hill
by Daniel Asadi Faizi, 2012  •  Hindi with English subtitles  •  Duration: 09:36 min

I like da Skateboard

by Julius Titze and Daniel Asadi, 2012  •  English  •  Duration: 04:17 min

The work of H.E.L.G.O. in Kolkata

by Stephan Anspichler, 2008  •  German  •  Duration: 09:25 min

South Kolkata Hamari Muskan

2016  •  German  •  Duration: 11:34 min

Lasst uns nicht allein - Die Kinder von Kalkutta

Ein ZDF Spezial über H.E.L.G.O. e.V.
Erstausstrahlung 18.11.2009  •  German  •  Duration: 14:16 min

ZDF Sonntags - TV fürs Leben
Erstausstrahlung Februar 2010  •  German  •  Duration 04:11 min

Filmbericht über das H.E.L.G.O.-Projekt am Müllberg

by Maria Reismüller, SAT1.BAYERN.
Ausstrahlung am 07.04. 2012 bei SAT1.BAYERN.  •  German  •  Duration 09:4 min